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Don't sweat the small stuff....

8th August, 2006. 3:00 pm. stupid bitches

Sigma kappa would be sooo much better if it were just the girls minus Rachel and the advisory board. They are stupid bitches! after telling me that my LOA was not granted they go and tell Troy that I am going inactive which results in me almost getting booted from being a rho chi! thank goodness the recruitment director asked me first! stupid bitches and stupid troy who hates me any way and was probably happy to see me "go"! ugh!

now, i don't trust rachel and advisory board to tell the chapter the circumstances surrounding my resignation. i may just send a letter with a trusted sister to get the word out correctly.


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4th August, 2006. 2:58 pm. yay!

yay! i officially have a super cute apartment! move in is sat the 12th...well i'll be moving stuff down but not officially there until the following weekend.

I also decided not to go on a LOA since they are duschbags and wont let me go. I'm still resigning but paying dues and attending as many functions as i can which will be very little
:( but at least i still get to be around my favorite people. hopefully no one hates me too much. i decided i would let rachel and the advisory board tell the chapter my status whenver they wanted. i felt an email to the chapter at this time was unappropriate with rush practice so soon.

i have rho chi training right when i get back and i am excited to see what all the other houses are doing for rush and to get my rho chi gear!

but! i am sad that my summer is coming to an end...it went by sooo quickly. i am glad that it is my last year in SD and am considering law school closer to home...it's hard being away from my baby brother. he practically tore out my heart when he said that he didn't want summer camp to end because that means i have to go to my far away school....ack! how sad!

on a brighter note, sunday is the one year anniversary of coronica (corey and veronica) how exciting and odd that it's already a year. we are going to universal studiios to celebrate and i am super excited... i LOVE that place..\

ok gotta go...back to work

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7th January, 2006. 4:58 pm. woooooohoooooo


heck yes!! Yes...i am a nerd!

Now i have to decide if i want to skip out on rush practice on my 21st birthday to go to vegas, or skip out on pref 2 weeks later and go??? either way i will get bitched at!



Current mood: ecstatic.

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20th June, 2005. 6:19 pm. Friends Only :D

A public post, to let the public or whoever know that my entries are friends only. So if you would like to added just comment. Friendly people, nasty and rude people are the reason i have gone friends only. THanks!

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